Whether you're looking to improve your reputation, need peace of mind over your contractors or you're an international investor who needs clarity over the quality being delivered to you - Premium Inspections can help.


From residential apartment blocks, student accommodation, hotels, houses and much more we can ensure the quality assurance undertaken on your behalf allows for the most dynamic representation of your desired standards.


We can inspect the units to our very own high standards, but also have the option to create bespoke methodologies and implement your business requirements into our methods. Our Nationwide team drives forward your standards.


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Our structured analysis combines our inspections with a thorough appraisal of our reports to give you a true insight into:


  1. Where common inconsistencies are arising

  2. Where time & resources are being wasted

  3. Where inefficiencies are lying within site teams

  4. How standards can be improved into the future 


By gaining an understanding of the above criteria you and your site team can begin to shape the way your developments are finished to the ideology in which you're striving for. Ultimately, allowing you to see which areas of your operations are falling short of your desired benchmarks.

KPI's can also help you to understand which (Sub) contractors are underperforming on-site and how improvements can be made.


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Service 3

Through operating the UK's leading snagging inspection company HouseScan, our team has built an irrefutable understanding of the inspection process for thousands of sites, companies and homeowners across the UK. We use this knowledge to help develop a structured plan to increase standards through quality control and site operations.


Our experienced team will not only carefully examine the reports but also conduct site visits to review practices and methods and delve deeper into exactly why, where and how shortcomings are occurring. This can range from site methods being implemented by trades to issues with site practices. We create a bespoke plan, report and methodology on how you can not only increase the quality of your output but the reputation you're aiming for.

Quality Control


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The construction industry is changing. The last decade has seen a tech boom that has no forecast for an end. We're seeing more and more companies get left behind due to their prehistoric technologies, systems and attitudes halting progression.

The Premium Insnspections team can help assess all the processes which are currently active in your construction based company to help create a streamlined plan to bring you in line with modern-day technology and systems. Our team's age range is from 25 - 60 so we understand all constraints and have a fresh view on how implementing the correct technologies can conclusively boost the bottom line.